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North Shore & Brookline Endodontics is proud to provide top quality endodontic services to patients in Watertown, MA, including root canals, dental trauma services, apicoectomies, and sedation endodontics. Our office is conveniently located in Brookline, a short drive from Watertown, MA.

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North Shore & Brookline Endodontics

ADDRESS 1 Brookline Place, Suite 505 Brookline, MA 02445 Directions
PHONE Tel: 617-735-8500
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Directions from Watertown, MA

  • Head southeast on Oliver St toward Pearl St
  • Take N Beacon St, Parsons St, Washington St and Aspinwall Ave to Pearl St in Brookline
  • Turn right onto Church St
  • Turn left onto Main St
  • Continue onto N Beacon St
  • Keep right to continue on US-20 E/N Beacon St
  • Use the right lane to turn slightly right onto N Beacon St/Leo M Birmingham Pkwy
  • Turn right onto Parsons St
  • Turn left onto Washington St
  • Turn right to stay on Washington St
  • Pass by Citizens Bank (on the left)
  • Slight left onto School St
  • Continue onto Aspinwall Ave
  • Aspinwall Ave turns right and becomes Aspinwall Ave
  • Turn right onto Brookline Ave
  • Turn right onto Pearl St
  • Turn left
  • North Shore & Brookline Endodontics will be on the right

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Brookline Endodontics History

Patient Testimonials

“I visited Dr. Fiza Singh for a couple of root canals. She was awesome and super fast in completing the procedure and following up next day through receptionist and asking if any pain. Made me feel very comfortable by talking about daily chores and keeping me engrossed in conversations. I didn’t feel like it was the visit to a dentist (previous to this, I use to be freaked out).”
Manish G. – Boston, MA

“I was referred to Dr. Singh this summer by my dentist for consultation for Root Canal of a Front Tooth. When I came for my first visit I had recently lost my brother and had suffered a double fracture; so I was far beyond the usual anxiety I would have had anyway for this kind of appointment. I was in grief and considerable physical pain the day of my consultation and ended up in tears during the visit. This was when Dr. Singh was reviewing my x ray with me and told me my tooth might not be able to be saved. She was not only professional, but so kind and empathic that I shared with her how difficult the past year had been for me which had nothing to do with this tooth. She told me she would try her best to see if a Root Canal could be done and the tooth saved, but wouldn’t know if it was possible until the next appointment. The next week I returned and Dr. Singh was able to locate a route to be able to complete the Root Canal and save my tooth. When she was done, she then told ME that I had made HER day! I could not recommend her (and her staff) more highly if you are in need of her services.”
Roberta B. – Brookline, MA

“I have only seen Dr. Fiza Singh in the Brookline office (One Brookline Place, Brookline, MA). The first time was four years ago (2012). My General Restorative Dentist suggested I go to the practice. I made an appointment with Dr. Singh and when I showed up, she immediately sat me in a chair and wiggled the aching tooth. She said that she was pretty sure it was a fractured root because of the mobility and a root canal would not work. She then took a head scan and showed me the fracture. Then she led me down the stairs to the 4th floor to a periodontist who does teeth implants (Dr. Milagros Serrano who is pretty much the same in terms of skill, intelligence, etc.). I am pretty sure I paid nothing or a pittance for the visit with Dr. Singh. This past month (Spring 2016) I had a back molar that began aching. I specifically asked for Dr. Singh because of her intelligence, skill, and generosity. She said that the only thing that would work was a re-do of the original root canal and she explained in great detail why that was the only thing that would work. (I will not bore you further with the details.) She worked on me with these incredible eye glasses that look like something out of a sci-fi movie. I am out of pain and she saved me from having a very expensive crown by my general restorative dentist. For the record, I am a 71 year old professor at a major university in Boston so terms regarding costs are relevant to my age.”
Christine R. – Brookline, MA