Cone-Beam Computerized Technology

In the past, endodontists had to rely on traditional 2D images to diagnose and treat complex endodontic (root canal) problems. Thanks to improvements in Cone-Beam Computerized Technology (CBCT), we are able to offer high-definition 3D imaging to our patients.

A CBCT scan creates a virtual replica of a tooth or an area of the mouth, and allows us to diagnose root fractures, hidden canals, resorptions and a variety of bone and sinus pathology that otherwise would not be possible. This revolu¬tionary imaging technique improves diag¬nostic speed and accuracy, and ul¬timately patient outcomes. In addition to helping prevent tooth loss by identifying treatable endodon¬tic conditions, the new technology helps patients avoid costly explor¬atory procedures and unpredictable treatments.

For over 50 years, North Shore & Brookline Endodontics has been a leader in providing the highest level endodontic care in the most advanced environment. Our experience with 3D imaging demonstrates that this technology is vital to our profession and is rapidly becoming a standard of care for treatment of complex endodontic problems.

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