Dr. Shah Interviewed for Spring 2014 AAE Focus Newsletter

Team News Update

In its most recent edition, AAE’s Focus newsletter interviewed Dr. Shah about Journal of Endodontics’ publication of her research.  Dr. Shah describes the grant she got from the American Association of Endodontics Foundation helped fund her work. With the grant money she was able to buy the data sets and data processing capabilities that she needed.

The insights Dr. Shah garnered from her research has lead not only to publication in JoE, but also to coverage in more mainstream channels such as The New York Times and Readers Digest. Among the insights from the study were the correlation between age and insurance type to length of stay and cost of treatment.

This edition of Focus also mentioned Dr. Morgan’s work as an AAE Foundation ambassador. Recently Dr. Morgan visited Tufts in order to educate future dentists about the possibilities provided by AAE.